Welcome to my nerdy world of costuming

In this blog I will, to some extent, document costumes I make and describe how I did the different things.

I will post some pics and info around my stormtrooper armor, which I finished in the fall of '08. But most importantly show how I'm coming along with my current project, which is the ESB version of Boba Fett.

Enjoy your stay!


Painted most of the jetpack today, still som details to get on there though. But I'll get that done tomorrow or in the coming week.

Here's what it looks like so far:


Rusted connectors on the bottom:

Rusted connectors


  1. Little TK Boy said...

    hi there!
    Awsome blog you got there :D

    Your Jetpack looks great!
    Can't wait to see your next update ;)

    I'm working on a SE Boba Fett, woudl be cool to talk with you about tips and other things that's good to know... You got any msn ?

    If you got any pieces you would like to sell, plz tell me :D

    I'm keep looking on The Cargo Hold for new cool stuffs, but can't found the right things to the right price xD Just 16, so dosen't got so much in my pockets to deal with :P

    Well, I will keep folowing your blog, sorry to see your armor was too small ;( Maby they would fit a 16 year old better :)'