Welcome to my nerdy world of costuming

In this blog I will, to some extent, document costumes I make and describe how I did the different things.

I will post some pics and info around my stormtrooper armor, which I finished in the fall of '08. But most importantly show how I'm coming along with my current project, which is the ESB version of Boba Fett.

Enjoy your stay!

I testfitted the chestarmor today, mainly because I was gewtting unsure as to whether it was big enough. I've posted on TDH to get some feedback before I paint this, 'cause I don't want to spend several hours on it if it's too small. You can check out the thread here.

I'm also considering doing a set in 5mm sintra just to see how it would look with a little more "substance" on the armorpieces. The ones shown here are 3mm.

My two year old son just found out that wearing a TK helmet is really, really cool. He´s running around the livingroom with it every day now! I´m gonna get him his own once I can afford it:)

After viewing the blog from work, I saw that the middle column is misplaced. I'm not sure how to fix this just yet.

The page does view correctly in Firefox and Safari at least. You shouldn't be using Internet Explorer anyway, so there you go... :-)

Here's a little update... I went to Sandvika with my wife yesterday, looking for fabric for a cape. I found something that sort of matched, but getting the excact colors is a neverending quest, as there really aren't any good lighted images of Boba from ESB showing the colors.

I sewed tha cape together after TK409's measurements (36" long, 30" wide), used an exactoknife to make some rips and tears and then I put it in the washing machine for 4 hours. Today, after it dried, I found some matte black spraypaint I had lying around, and some light brown. I misted black all over the cape to dull the colors down and added some extra at the bottom. I also used the brown to dull down the orange on the stripe, as it was really bright. I'll post some comparison pics later on.

The weathering on the bottom need to be more frayed, but that's something that will happen over time, so I'm not gonna spend to much time "making" it.

I finally got my lazy butt out to a store here in Oslo. I knew from their website that they sold Vallejo-paints, but I kinda got hung up on Floquil for some reason. Aaaanyway... I found the green, yellow and silver I need for the best Boba-paintjob, and I don't have to buy it from eBay either...woohoo!
I still have to get the red, concrete, gunbolt, light yellow+++ But they have them all there.

I did a colortest today, and it looked great, so I'm totally stoked! I'll post a couple of pics tomorrow showing how the color turned out and the names of the different colors.

It's also looking like I'm not getting my gauntlets sold, so I'm considering redoing them for ESB in stead. We'll se how that fares at a later time.

Until next time....

One more...


A fellow trooper over at FISD was kind enough to post a tutorial on some basic Photoshop techniques. It got me inspired, so I edited myself into some SW pics I had. And these are what I came up with. More will come at a later time. Enjoy!

Finally, after much searching and html-editing, I've got the new blog up and running. As some of you may notice, the colotheme is taken from the Boba Fett ESB helmet. I thought it would be a nice touch seeing as it is my current project.

I'll get some pics and stuff on here ASAP. But, since I've taken a couple of steps back in my progress (I started on a ROTJ Boba, but changed mid-way to ESB in stead), there isn't that much to show off just yet. I'll post pics showing what I have purchased/made so far though, and more items are on the way shortly. The parts I'm really looking forward to getting now is my Bobamaker helmet kit and Bobby Fett UK's jetpack!! And also a facecast of Jeremy Bulloch (#1 of 30 made by Bobamaker).