Welcome to my nerdy world of costuming

In this blog I will, to some extent, document costumes I make and describe how I did the different things.

I will post some pics and info around my stormtrooper armor, which I finished in the fall of '08. But most importantly show how I'm coming along with my current project, which is the ESB version of Boba Fett.

Enjoy your stay!

Tesfitting the chestarmor

I testfitted the chestarmor today, mainly because I was gewtting unsure as to whether it was big enough. I've posted on TDH to get some feedback before I paint this, 'cause I don't want to spend several hours on it if it's too small. You can check out the thread here.

I'm also considering doing a set in 5mm sintra just to see how it would look with a little more "substance" on the armorpieces. The ones shown here are 3mm.