Welcome to my nerdy world of costuming

In this blog I will, to some extent, document costumes I make and describe how I did the different things.

I will post some pics and info around my stormtrooper armor, which I finished in the fall of '08. But most importantly show how I'm coming along with my current project, which is the ESB version of Boba Fett.

Enjoy your stay!

Ok guys, big update today!!

First of all, I got my BM lid today. It´s a real beauty to say the least. So, in good TK-2330 tradition, the first thing I did when I got it home was to paint it!! I just did the insides black to start with. When that had dried I went over it woththe first layer, a light grey. Tomorrow I´m starting on the left ear (following TerminalFettlers step-by-step ESB guide on this one).

Here´s some pics (they are mirrored, so no, the dent is not on the wrong side):

I also have an aluminum RF-stalk with a hollow top for working LED´s on the way, a new ammo belt, the volkerc ESB sidearm, Fettpride holster, shin tools made from accurate found parts and a working scope for the blaster on the way.

Fettpride also said that my armor will ship today, so it´ll be here soon I guess:) 

Lastly, I dyed my flightsuit the correct color (from grey to light blue) and also started weathering it, pics to come tomorrow.